OP300 - Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker

TenderCrisp™ Cooking Technology
Pressure & crisping lids
3.7 litre Cook & Crisp™ Basket
Reversible rack
1 year warranty

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S$499.00 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

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Ninja foodi air fryer
  Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker OP300 Ninja Foodi Airfryer Deluxe AF160
Price S$499.00 S$399.00
Power 1460W 1750W
Capacity 3.7litre 5.2litre - 1.4kg fries
Smart System Auto-iQ + TenderCrispTM Cooking Technology Auto-iQ
Function(s) Air Fry, Bake/Roast, Grill, Pressure Cook, Steam,
Slow Cook, Saute, Keep Warm
Air Fry, Max Crisp, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate
Temp & Timer Control Digital Digital
Temp Range 150°c - 220°c 40°c - 240°c
Cook Times Pressure up to 4 hours, Slow cook up to 12 hours, Steam up to 30 mins  
Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Cooking Pot
Cook & Crisp basket
Reversible Rack
All removable parts
What's Included

1 x Main Unit
Pressure Cooking Lid
Tender Crisp (Air Fry ) Lid
1 x Ceramic Cooking Pot
1 x Cook & Crisp Basket
1 x Reversible Rack Recipe Book

1 x Main Unit
1 x Ceramic Coated Cooking Pot
1 x Ceramic Coated Cook & Crisp Basket Recipe Book




Colour Black
Product Weight 11.8kg
Product Dimensions 43 x 36 x 32 cm
Wattage 1460W
Programs Auto-iQ programs – Pressure Cooking, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Bake/Roast/Grill
Speed Levels 8
Warranty 1 year
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free Yes
Non Slip Feet Yes



1 x Main Unit 

1 x Cooking Pot 

1 x Reversible Rack 

1 x Cook & Crisp Basket 



Best Cooker ever!

Honestly wished that I had come across this cooker earlier!
I could easily make a restaurant standard meal with just this one cooker in under 15 minutes because it has so many functions in one.
Best of all, there's only one pot to wash!
Definitely a lifesaver for busy mums like me. Thanks for bringing this product into SG!
by Joanne Ho
on 01-04-2020

Happy Tummy, get a Foodi!

Bade a cheery adiós to my old ricecooker as I cleared space for the Ninja on the kitchen counter. As a mom, I dreamt of prepping delicious meals for my family everyday. However I struggle with not having enough time. No time to wash so many dishes, no time to cook different foods 1 by 1, no time to slowly boil soup!
So when I saw this machine in action on ig, it was love at first sight. I knew I had to get my hands on it and I am not disappointed! I can do so much with this one pot, and cook an additional layer at the same time! I used to force myself to cook so my kids get to eat healthy home cooked meals. But now I actually find it... easy! And fun too!!! It's amazing thank you Foodi T.T Now, mealtimes are so much more fun and stress free!
If you want a happy tummy, then you gotta have a Foodi!!♡
by Amanda Goh
on 15-04-2020


Very satisfied with an all-in-one cooker that can do everything when I need to cook. It motivates me to cook, knowing that I have lesser to wash at the end of the day.
by Cherylnn Zheng
on 15-04-2020

Excellent Addition

This is definitely a tool that every kitchen should have! I have been contemplating to get a pressure cooker and a air fryer for a couple of months, but due to space constraints, I have been holding back. This multi function ninja foodi is a savior in my kitchen! I can do so many different dishes using all the different functions! Easy to clean and cooks real fast!
by Eileen Lau
on 15-04-2020

The Must Have In Your Kitchen!

I chance upon this cool looking kitchen robot on social media one day and then I started watching all the cooking videos on social media. I was convinced that with this tool, I will be able to whip out decent meals for my family. So shortly after, I bought this multi cooker because I was quite convinced that it was not only easy to use but it is very functional for a small family like mine. Best part, it has multiple functions in this gadget and honestly, it saved quite a lot of space in my kitchen. Also, I don't have to do alot of washing because I can just prepare my meals in one pot. This is the deal breaker. I was a lost cause when it comes to cooking, but now I surprise my husband with decent meals (almost) on a daily basis. Yes, I am one of those turned Covid materchef wannabes with the help of this wonderful kitchen tool.
by Calynn Chow
on 15-04-2020

10/10 recommend!

I didn’t own an air fryer before this so this was a great addition to my kitchen as I cook daily. For its size, I’m impressed by the speed of heating the pot and the pressure cooking function. I barely touch the stove and oven now thanks to the foodi, and can really whip up a full meal easily with just one machine. The wide base makes it really easy to stir fry simple dishes, and the steaming function is so underrated! Really one pot to do it all
by Jia Min Ng
on 15-04-2020

My kitchen is so neat now.

With NinjaFoodi, I only need to keep this appliance my tiny kitchen. It looked so awesomely neat now and I’m still able to serve up complete dinner to my family of four.

It’s so easy to clean and it won’t mess up your kitchen like traditional pots and pans. There is no more oily kitchen.

I’m thinking if I should have my gas stove removed altogether so that I can make more space.

I just love Ninja Foodi.
by Jo Teh
on 16-04-2020

My mum’s best friend

My house doesn’t have any cooker or toaster or oven. Asked my mum if she wanted it, she said no because she was skeptical. I bought it for her anyway. When I started teaching her the various functions, she loves it! She’s so excited to learn and use it and she said it’s really value for money. Now she can cook more things (for me!)
by Cheryl Ee
on 18-04-2020

My Husband and I love it!!

Fast and efficient for a hectic and busy schedule lifestyle. The minute my Husband tried it, he keeps trying new recipes after recipes. We are so excited to try new dishes for the following days to come. No pots and pans required. Loving it!!
by Sofia Ferosya
on 23-04-2020

Best Multi-cooker for Cooking Idiots

Love the multi-cooker as it speed up cooking process and the ability to have mutli function in 1 cooker. I love how my salmon could be ready in 5 mins. Crispy on the outside and tender in the inside.
I am able to cook a proper meal with this cooker and love it to the bits.
To be honest, I am an idiot when comes to cooking and this allows me to venture into cooking. Trying out different dishes for my love ones.

Instead of buying an airfryer and oven each. We will need only 1 item which save space. Especially Singapore housing is getting smaller.

This is highly introduced to friends and family!
by Tham Eliza Li Xin
on 30-04-2020

It's a present

Mother’s Day coming soon, thinking what to buy for my mum. Finally, I got this Ninja Foodi multi Cooker. It is amazing.
With one ninja cooker you can save up all the expenses for slow cooker, pressure cooker, oven as well as air fryer. Also, the air fryer with the functions crispy outside and tender insides which normal air fryer do not have. It is worth of money. My mum feeling love and excited on trying out new dishes. If you are thinking what present to buy, I’m highly recommend buying this as a present for your wife or mother, they confirm will very happy.
by Ng Eunice
on 01-05-2020

Best kitchen gadget ever!

I used to have many different kitchen electrical appliances for different needs , thanks to thankgodforpink for sharing her review on instagram and i got tempted and purchase 1 for myself.

As i am in the midst of house shifting and staying at a temporary place (No kitchen stove) at the moment before my new place is ready, all i am using now is the ninja foodie. Perfect for my everyday meal! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful kitchen appliance to my daily life.
by Vanessa Lim
on 08-05-2020

My Life Saver

Definitely not a pro in the kitchen to begin with, but with this Ninja Foodi, everything looks as though they came out from a pro that serves in a restaurant! For the first time, someone actually looked at my food and asked "where did u buy this?"
by Sharon Chong
on 08-05-2020


Have been using it fairly regularly since we got it and loving the functionality and ease of use. Totally in love with using it and all the amazing recipes I can whip up. Have been recommending it to everyone I talk to!
by Rhea Nera
on 08-05-2020

AMAZING - Wish I knew abt this sooner!

I’ve never used a pressure cooker before, but decided to join the ninja foodi family after knowing that it is both a PC and an air fryer!!! How I wish I knew abt this product much earlier! Pressure cooking saves so much time and yields an equally delicious end product. With the ability to air fry, it can also add on a layer of crisp. It’s also so easy to use and clean. Can’t recommend it enough!!!
by Rae Zhang
on 08-05-2020

A good multi cooker

If you are looking for a strong airfryer, pressure cooker, slow cooker, bake or roast, grill and steamer all in one, this is the one that you should get for half of the price of all these kitchen devices plus you save on storage. A A good investment for the kitchen and prepares meals efficiently and quickly without the hassle.
by Shu Wong
on 08-05-2020

Best cooking appliance!

I had 2 pressure cookers already but i HAD to get this!! I saw the videos on grilling and i was sold. True enough, i was able to grill beef in the foodi - it browned nicely unlike my other tries using my other airfryer. Whats best - all meals cooked in the foodi results in my kitchen being OIL FREE 99% of the time - imagine not needing to mop the kitchen floors after cooking!
I've whipped up many meals with the foodi.. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.. The foodi is my always used appliance. I've never had any regrets getting it. Still in luv, and always will be in luv w it ♥
by Michelle Heng
on 09-05-2020

Excellent multi cooker to have

I chanced upon this while on Social media. Amazed that it can pressure cook and grill to have crispy food at same time.

It Super quiet when air fry food compares to my 1st version Phillip air fryer. Enjoy the fast timing in cooking 360 meal with it, transform frozen chicken wing into crispy wing in 30 mins. Really amazing!

Is really a good investment for it price to replaces rice cooker, fry pan , pressure cooker, air fryer , steamer and grill. And Super space saver if you have small kitchen workspace.
by Serene Ong
on 11-05-2020

God sent during Circuit Breaker

For those who do not cook regularly, have a tiny kitchen and are now forced too cook during the circuit breaker, this is a god sent! Recipes are plentiful, easy to follow, and the best part is the kitchen is not in a mess! After 2 weeks of using it on a almost daily basis, i find myself modifying the recipes online to my own liking and it doesn't feel strange to me! I have removed all appliances from the small kitchen counter-top and only use the foodi. There so much more space to prep and i dont feel frustrated cooking and cleaning up like i did before. Im waiting for circuit-breaker to be over to start attempting the whole roast chicken which seemed like a huge challenge to a novice 1 month ago!
by Ben Tan
on 16-05-2020

A really great purchase

Bought this for my mum who is the queen of our kitchen, she's in her 60's and never used any "smart" appliances and when I bought it, I promised I will help her discover the various functions together (me, I'm a total noob in the kitchen haha. My knowledge about food extends as far as how delicious they taste). I have to admit "playing" with this cooker together has been a great way to spend circuit breaker time together.

There's a bit of a learning curve, the recipe book can be pretty limited in Chinese cuisine which is our primary diet. We managed to find some local food bloggers using this cooker and used their instructions as a guide over the recipe book. The results so far have not been mind-blowing (mind you my mum is a great cook so her food is normally great tasting already!) but in the few times we've used it my mum has praised that it has reduced cooking time and monitoring efforts!

We have yet to extensively test out the pressure cook + air crisp option which is the main selling point, but we are really excited to try it! I'm also stoked at the opportunity to bake for the first time ever in my house as we've never had an oven. What i really like about this cooker is really the versatility - pressure cook, steam, air fry, bake, grill, what more could you want? Really replaces a lot of your other kitchen appliances. There's a lot to love about the cooker - easy to understand, operate and clean. Electric cord was a little short though! We had to use an extension cord haha.

Some areas that I think the "package" of this amazing product can be improved which would really improve the learning curve for non-techy and non-English speaking users is providing multi-language brochures for the instruction manuals, cheat sheet and recipe book! To protect the environment, you might even consider adding the option for buyers to select the language they want and even selecting digital copies! You could definitely have a lot more recipes on your youtube channel for the purpose of showcasing the insane combinations of how you can use the cooker, or curate the content by food bloggers and make it easily accessible for buyers to refer!
by Jamie Heng
on 21-05-2020

Nutritious Dinner in an hour

As a working mum with 2 young kids, there is no regret in getting the ninja foodi. I am able to get dinner prepared within an hour which is amazing. Usually, the soup will take around 30 minutes in pressure cook mode. A salmon / chicken in air crisp mode in 15 minutes plus stir fry vegetable with the sear/sauté mode.

Thank you Ninja foodi as I am able to prepare homemade nutritious dinner for my family.

There is also a bake mode that I have yet to try but it looks promising.
by Cindy Ng
on 31-05-2020
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